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Brad Shogun

Today I spent all day putting the final touches on chapter 2 of The Essence. So I didn't have anytime to get to a blog topic, but I'll be back at it tomorrow.

In chapter 2 I will be introducing my favorite character of the book. He's my second favorite character that I've ever written about. The book I'm working on right now, introduces the only character that I hold dearer to my heart.

Brad Shogun, is a half Jewish guy and the owner of a tabloid in Los Angeles. He is the type that does not give a fuck (pardon my language) what anyone thinks, but he also has an honor code he lives by. I love this character to death. He's always on my mind, and I hope I did him the justice he deserves. He is named after my favorite restaurant in Mammoth Lakes "Shogun" which no longer exists. Spent some of my best days there. Can't wait to publish it this Saturday!

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