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David Icke and the Reptilian Conspiracy

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

I first heard of David Icke when I was in high school in the mid 90's. I was obsessed with conspiracy stuff, and his life is one of the strangest stories of them all. Up until he was 38 years old he was a normal guy in the UK. He started out as a semi-pro soccer player that then became an announcer for televised games. In 1990, he got involved with Green Party politics, and the new age movement. One day during that time he had gone to see a psychic and that's when things changed for him drastically. She had told him that he had a special purpose, and that he would be receiving special messages from the spirit world, like a prophet of some kind.

A year later he went on BBC claiming to be a "Son of the Godhead" and that the world was going to be destroyed by tidal waves and other natural disasters. He was laughed at in ridicule by the audience. The predictions that he had made, never came to pass.

You would think that, that would be the last time we ever heard from David Icke, and that he wouldn't even be a footnote in history, but that was only the beginning. 9/11 happened and then came internet bringing a rise to conspiracy theorist from around the world. He has since then written many books, and speaks all over the world.

David Icke then began connecting himself to every conspiracy, tapping into every niche, every market. He got them all under one umbrella. 9/11, Aliens, Satanism, Jews, JFK, Vaccines, Climate change hoax, Mormons, Freemasons, Reptilians, ect. He wrote about them all... connecting fake dots, making it all one big conspiracy. He has since sold millions of books, and has millions of followers that believe he is some sort of prophet.

What is the Reptilian Conspiracy?

The Reptilian Conspiracy is the belief that a few families of reptilian blood are in power of the world and in control of human events worldwide. It is the belief that these leaders have alien or demon blood in them, and that they are behind attacks like 9/11 and all the wars. Believers think these rulers are out to enslave mankind and that they the Illuminati set on a New World Order. Usually it is the super rich, high ranking politicians, and celebrities that are believed to be part Reptilian, and at the root of most of these conspiracies is an element of anti-semitism.

Conspiracies like this one might appear to be ridiculous to the casual person, but they are more popular than one would think. They are laid out very intellectually on websites, and youtube videos, which always have a grain of truth, like all the bad wars the world is involved in, or politicians being involved in sleazy incidents.

David Icke talks a good game, reels people in with some good philosophy, using newage and love, but make no mistake about it, he uses the same techniques that a sexual predator uses to groom young children. He starts out like he's all about love, to gain people's trust, but then leads them to a place of hate. The hate is directed at certain groups of people, and he's very subtle about it. He leads his followers to have fear towards, Jews, Mormons, Freemasons and many more. He leads his followers to the belief that people like them are evil reptilian satanists, that drink the blood of children. He's a very smart man and is very careful about how he spreads his hate. His tactics are calculated and by design.

History has shown us, that otherwise normal people, are very capable of committing atrocious acts when they are deeply afraid. That is where true racism comes from. It's not from being politically incorrect, or even telling a joke. It comes from a place of fear and ignorance. When millions of people think that Jews, Mormons, and Freemasons, are killing and murdering children, in satanic rituals; and that there is a plan to wipe out regular people across the world, they will feel that their racism and hate is justified, and that it is a matter of survival. That's how racism reels people in.

David Icke likes to use his freedom of speech as a defence. That's another one of his tactics. That the Illuminati wants to shut him up so he doesn't get the word out. But that's not the case. He speaks all over the world and has a huge internet presence and following. There's no conspiracy to assassinate him, because there is no conspiracy.

I'm not willing to give up my first amendment right, to silence ridiculous people like him. though. And that's not the way to go about it. That will just groom more people into following him. Because he will say, "See! they are trying to silence me because of my truth!" The way to stop guys like him, is to not let him go unchallenged. Smart people need to countering on an intellectual level.

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