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Hockey is Back!

Ok the NHL has been back for a week now, and as for me, I've also been missing in action for a quite a while. Like sports, I've been MIA since COVID-19 took over the headlines. Over this last year there have been been lots of weird and strange things for me to write about, but I had decided to not let myself delve into the hysteria going on. Strange things and conspiracies are fun and entertaining to write about, but in a world where they have become accepted because of current events, I just felt like giving them a break, as I'm usually on the more skeptical side, and the times we are in right now, people just aren't thinking too clearly. Not that I'm not open minded to uncanny things, I just try to be as reasonable as I can.

A lot has happened in my life during this past year. I've been through some very trying times, and every possible obstacle has been thrown at me. I might write about these things soon, but I am putting things on hold until the dust on this virus settles a little, and things get back to normal. But to put it in short, life has been hard for me and some I have experienced some awful things this last year.

So what's that got to do with hockey you ask? Absolutely nothing. But I do plan to start doing more writing, and stop putting off writing my second novel. So like hockey I'm back. At least for now. I've decided to add "Sports & Betting" as a new category of my strange weird news. The gambling aspect to sports has always been taboo to most, yet a big part of why sports are so popular. Plus it's something I enjoy doing, and I want to get back into writing while avoiding all of the negative things going on in our world right now. With sports wagering now being legal in the U.S. I thought why not, it's a good time.

I plan on adding other categories this year too, like my poetry. Writing is a way for me to pass my time, and try to get my mind off the more troubling parts I'm facing right now. Poetry is a good emotional release for me. I feel with poetry I can get out all the hurtful thing without fear of judgement.

A lot has changed and not just for me. We have a new President as of today. More importantly we are all dealing with a pandemic. Things are just so upside down unlike any other time in my forty years on this rock, and maybe unlike any other time historically for everyone. Many of us are getting lost in the cracks, many of us are experiencing hard times like no other. Many of us feel hopeless, and alone. Stranded. Feeling that pressure of losing everything, and if you're feeling that pressure too, you aren't alone. I've survived cancer, where I became disabled in 2016, lost my independence, lost my way of life. It was hard but I survived it and had to pick up the pieces. I wont get into the things I'm trying to survive now, but might in later blogs, but they have been horrendous, and that is an understatement. I'm still in that moment, as I have been since this pandemic came upon us all.

But back to sports! Back to hockey! Sports have always been a part of the way we as a culture try to escape the madness of the world and there's a lot of madness going around right now. It's just as contagious as the virus, so it's good to have the game back. It's not a solution, but it's my escape right now, and hey if we pick the right side... we could make a few dollars.

That's all I've got for now, but it's good to clear the mind. I'm not sure how this will all end and I'm not sure who said this first, but things have got to get better, they surely couldn't get any worse.

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