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HyperNormalisation (Documentary)

I finished watching this documentary about a week ago. It's directed by Adam Curtis, and produced by the BBC. I found it to be fairly objective, with very little political bias, which is very refreshing in this day in age where everything seems to have political agenda.

The documentary covers the history of the United States going back to the post World War 2, and on to the present times of 2016 right before Donald Trump took the presidency. It covers everything from finance to foreign policy, and the rise of the internet. It puts into perspective how the internet has transformed into political echo chambers, where the populace has been sucked into their online personas rather than affecting real change in the real world. Very educational, and entertaining. If you are into history I highly recommend it. There is an age restriction and you will have to watch it directly on youtube, but it available free on youtube. Here's a preview.

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