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It's Friday the 13th

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

The number 13 has many reasons to be unlucky for some cultures, but I'm not going to get into that. I'm going to get into when Friday the 13th, became unlucky. It was the year 1307, and there was an awful king, King Philip of France. He was jealous of the Knights Templar, as they had acquired a lot of wealth and influence. He had to get rid of them in a legal way as they were well respected. So he made up lies about them, that they were involved in satanic rituals, heresy, and other things that were against the law. He rounded up a bunch of them with his army, and tortured them until they confessed. Once the king got the confessions he had the legal right to burn them at the stake. It wasn't just the knights he went after, he also went after the Jews in France, had them expelled, because it was considered heresy. They had to either be deported, convert to Christianity, or face execution. And many Jews fled, while many had stayed that didn't want to give up their wealth. Those that stayed were executed. Like Philip did to the Jews, he did to the Templars. And once they fled or were executed he acquired all of their property and wealth. Sound familiar? It is very strange how history repeats itself, and the lengths that some powerful people will go to, to steal the wealth of people coming up in the world.

The new book I'm working on is called "Folk Magic" which is the sequel to "The Essence" takes place on Friday the 13th, 1996, in South Central L.A. in the Crenshaw District. Every Friday for two months, a 12 year old boy has gone missing, at first it is written off as runaways, because they all came from broken homes, and lived in rough neighborhoods. This goes on until Friday the 13th when another kid from the Crenshaw District goes missing, but this kid had come from a decent family, which meant there might be something else going on. I don't want to spoil too much, but the plot is finding out the mystery of what is happening to these boys. Are they just runaways, bad apples, or is something more sinister going on? To find out you'll have to read "Folk Magic" when it comes out. Here's an excerpt, It is still very rough as it is still in first draft mode.

'Superstitions are like an unwanted attraction. The number 13, a mirror falls, and seven years of bad luck. What is attracted becomes all that is seen. Like three black cats walking under a ladder, the ladder falls, and the mirror breaks. The brain is tricky like that. A magic trick of the mind, but is it all an illusion? When looking for bad things, bad things will be found.' ----Folk Magic----

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