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November 3rd DOOMSDAY Seattle

There's a video going around youtube that claims world war three is about to break out and bring upon the end of the world. The video has garnered almost 140k views so I thought I'd write about it. The video is posted below if anyone wants to watch it.

A little about the youtuber that posted it: He is a German youtuber that up until a couple of months ago was a cooking channel in German.

The youtuber's claim is that through predictive programing from watching movies and cartoons like the Simpsons, that he is able to predict that a "False Flag" attack will happen November 3rd 2019 at CenturyLink Field, while the Seahawks are hosting the Tampa bay Buccaneers. What is a "False Flag"? A "False Flag" is when a government commits an act of terror on its own people, claiming it was an enemy, for political gains such as war, or taking away rights. Many people believe that 9/11 and other terror attacks were "False Flags". They are known as truthers, and many of the same people that think our own government committed 9/11 are also spreading this video around the internet in a frenzy.

In the video below the youtuber points to episodes of the Simpsons and other movies, claiming they were subliminally predicting 9/11 would happen. He then points to examples that an attack on Seattle is eminent on November 3rd, a little less than a week from today.

The youtuber alludes that the attack will most likely involve a blimp (like in Black Sunday) crashing into the crowd, burning many people alive. He also alludes that nukes might be used on Seattle destroying the space needle. His claim is that our own government, Illuminati, and zionist are attacking our own people in order to get us into war with Iran.

My belief is that this is complete fear mongering and nonsense. Of course nothing will happen, and then the conspiracy theorist will claim that because of them bringing awareness to it, they thorted it from happening. "Too many knew and we got them to changed their plans."

So who is behind all these conspiracy theories? They seem to pop out of nowhere, but I have a pretty good idea. Whether it's flat earth, vaccines, or GMO's, they all seem to be well funded, well produced, and often convincing; with a common theme that is anti-science and anti-semitic, while promoting an unhealthy distrust of our leaders.

It is my belief that this is nothing more than a Russian Psyop. The same people that are pushing this video are the same people promoting the other ones and it fits well into Russian MO. The Russian government wants as much disruption and discourse as possible in America, so they can further their own agenda. Getting us to believe in foolish ideas like not vaccinating our children, that climate change is a hoax, or that our President colludes with them, is all by design. They want us at each other's throats, while distrusting our own leaders. It's happening on both sides of the political spectrum too, as many of these conspiracies are being politicized. Depending on whether one leans left or right, I can make a pretty good guess to which conspiracies they might attach to. Too many people are starting to fall for it, and it is sad.

In my opinion this November 3rd, 2019 DOOMSDAY date is nothing more than a hoax. Nothing will happen, except its goal of creating fear.

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