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NXIVM: A Secret Cult for the Rich?

Things all came to end for Keith Raniere last June when he was found guilty of crimes that included sex trafficking, exploitation of children and much more. It was a secret society for rich women, that had them in slave/master relationships. So how did it get here?

Keith Raniere started out doing pyramid type schemes, with Amway in the 90's, and then tried to start his own multi tier group selling products called Consumers' Buyline. When that company was found to be a pyramid scheme, he got a slap on the wrist, and got away from selling products. In his new venture NXIVM, he was now doing self help, as a life coach, while keeping the multi tier business plan.

He got women hat were well off economically to join, including Sara and Clare Bronfman who are the daughters of billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr. There were also some famous actresses that were members like Allison Mack who starred in the series "Smallville."

The way it worked was a bit like Scientology. In order to get members to break free of their ego and reach their full potential, he would get them to give up their darkest secrets. Once he had that leverage he could blackmail or brainwash them into recruiting new members getting more secrets.

Eventually a blogger named John Tighe started blowing the whistle on him publicly on the internet. Keith was able to have law enforcement investigate the guy, and John Tighe was arrested for child porn. It makes you wonder how deep Keith Raniere is, and how may secrets on the rich he has to get them to do his bidding.

Most of the people involved in his cult, were very wealthy New Yorkers and also elites in the Mexican government. This case is so weird and strange that I have to pinch myself. This is not a conspiracy theory anymore, it's a strange truth. Look up NXIVM for yourself and read up on it. A lot of well connected individuals in New York are truly slimy and disgusting.

It was made to look like a secret society for women, where rich women were empowering themselves, but at the top was Keith Raniere, and he had the women at the top doing his bidding. It all came to a point when he had all these women going to secret ceremonies where they were being branded with his and his second's initials. That's right they were being literally branded like they were his property.

A group of women eventually came out about how they were branded, and charges came. Those at the top started turning against him and outing his other dirty dealings, like sex slavery, and things that were done to children that I can't even begin to get into.

The group took narcissism to whole new level, and there's no telling how many lives have been destroyed. The damage is still yet to be seen. Keith Raniere was eventually arrested in Mexico, tried and convicted. He will be sentenced later this month and is looking at a minimum of fifteen years to life in prison.

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