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That time I saw a UFO on Camp Pendleton

I've never seen little green men, or gray aliens for that matter, and I have a hard time believing in things that I haven't experienced myself, without hard evidence. Sometimes I'll be reading about abductions or sightings and right away my BS detector is going off. Even on some of the more popular ones. But sometimes there are cases where I think something is going on. This is my own experience, take from it what you will. It's the only time I've ever seen something that I couldn't rationalize. It was more than lights behaving in ways I didn't understand. I saw it up close, and while I saw no proof that it was Alien in origin, it was much more than maybe a satellite or weather balloon that can be easily explained away.

It was the summer of 1998, I was on Camp Pendleton with other Marines from my unit, doing a two week exercise. Billeting for us was at a little section on base called Camp Talega. Camp Talega was a small spot on base with a cluster of Quonset huts, that had bunk beds and showering facilities, it was where we made home after a day of work.

I was one of the few that had a HMMWV (Humvee) license, and earlier that day, I had driven myself and a few of my Marine friends, to a small section on base called Del Mar, where they had a PX. I dropped them off so they could sneak and buy a couple cases of beer, which I then hid in my HMMWV, and smuggled it back into Camp Talega.

That night after everyone was asleep we got up, built a little fire in the pit outside, and brought out the beer. We were shooting the shit, telling stories, having a good time, while having some drinks, and that's when we saw some strange lights out in the distance. They were lighting up ,one at a time, very similar to the "Phoenix Lights" which I had never heard of at the time. We were all staring at it wondering what it was. As it got closer to us we saw that it wasn't a series of lights flying in formation, and that it was actually lights that were part of one gigantic flying object. It was in the shape of giant triangle.

It came right to where we were and flew right over our heads. It wasn't that far off the ground either. It was like watching a train go by in the sky, and it just kept going. It was so close that we could see the structural parts of it. Eventually it passed over us and was heading towards the Pacific Ocean. That's when a bunch of helicopters came out and were flying by the sides of it. Up until then it had been moving very slowly. Once the helicopters got close to it, it sped up and took off over the Pacific Ocean, and I never saw it again.

Was it aliens? I have no way of knowing what it was. It could have been one of ours, or more scary, it could have been one of our foes doing recon over the base. Then there's that small chance it was from out of this world. I will probably never know what it was, but it was quite the experience. It was and still is the strangest thing I've ever seen in the sky, even to this day twenty years later.

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