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The Alien Abduction of Travis Walton

The alien abduction case that is the most popular would probably be the Barney and Betty Hill case. Everyone inside, and even most outside of the UFO community, have heard of that one. This one is probably the second most popular. So popular that in 1993 Hollywood made a movie about it called "Fire in the Sky."

I remember when it first came out I couldn't wait to see it, because it was based on true events. I would learn later though, through the internet that the movie left out some major events that took place in the book, "The Walton Experience."

In the 90's the Grey Race of aliens was all the craze, as they were scary abduction cases. But I don't think that, that was really what this case was about. Hollywood wanted to give the people what they wanted, the story of man taken against his will to be prodded and probed by scary looking Greys with their large heads, and soulless eyes. A lot was left out in the movie because it didn't go along with that narrative.

On the evening of November 5,1975, seven men were driving home from a long day of forestry work in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, which is just outside of Snowflake, Arizona. The sun was going down and at first they thought the lights coming from the forrest was just the sunsetting.

They drove out to investigate, and that's when they saw a saucer shaped vehicle in the woods. All of the men were immediately frightened and wanted to leave. All but one. Travis was more curious than scared. He got out of the car to get a closer look at the UFO. The UFO then zapped him with something knocking him unconscious. The rest of the crew out of fear left. They left him there, as they were in shock, and beyond scared.

The crew did drive back out to try to find Travis, but he was gone without a trace. They reported him missing to local law enforcement. Law enforcement was not buying their story, and suspected them all of homicide, and that they were covering it up with this absurd story about a UFO. Their odd story made local headlines, and was also picked up by the national news.

After five days of being missing, Travis, made a collect call from a phone booth to one of the men in that had witnessed him get zapped. Travis who was incoherent and dehydrated, was taken to the hospital.

In the movie they only mention the Grey aliens, but in the non hollywood story, there were human looking beings as well. According to Travis he awoke in like a hospital looking room, where Grey aliens were working on him. He fought them off, and was running around the ship looking for an escape. He found the cockpit but didn't know how to work the controls. He then found an exit got off the ship and found himself in a mothership. That's where he encountered the human looking aliens. They were tall, fit with beautiful and handsome features, very much like what a lesser known race of aliens called the Nordic Aliens have been described as. (Look up Nordic Aliens if you want to know more, I may write about them at a later date.)

Travis felt more comfortable around them, because they looked like him, and he was communicating with him. They made him feel more comfortable, though he was still uneasy. They put a mask over his face and he passed out. The next thing he remembers is waking up on the side of the road dehydrated.

Unlike from what the movie portrays, I got the feeling that he was abducted because they accidently hurt him and needed to revive him. The Hollywood version was more about aliens kidnapping so they could run experiments.

The story was picked up by "The National Enquirer" which had the men take polygraphs. The men all passed and the story became sensationalized around the country. Not everyone believed though. Most skeptics called it a giant hoax, and even many Ufologists called it a probable hoax, to gain fame and fortune. One UFO researcher named Phillip J. Kess, had claimed that the polygraphs were not properly administered, and that there were some original ones that showed deception that were hidden from the public. Which is possible, the more believable the case, the more money the tabloids were going to make.

It's now been 40 years, and none of the men have come forward claiming it to be hoax, which bodes well to their story. It is very hard for seven people to keep a lie together that long, and it's not like they had a history of being con men. So who knows. I'm 50/50 on this case. Sure it's likely that something happened, but it is also just as likely that they all lied.

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