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The Count Saint Germain: The Man who was Said to be Immortal

The enlightenment period is my favorite time period of history. So much happened, like our indepence in America and the French Revolution. That period had all the great minds of the founding father, and others like Voltaire. It was truly a time of enlightenment, and we as humans have come a long way in short matter of time because of it. The chains of dogma were broken, and free agency became the new way, and we prospered.

The most mysterious man of the times in my opinion was a man by the name of The Count Saint Germain. He was said to come from nowhere, but was very wealthy, and was part of French society's freethinkers. It was said by others of the time that he never aged, and no one ever seen him eat. When talking about past events of history, he would correct others when they got it wrong, and make wild claims like he knew it because he was there.

Men like Voltaire and Cassennova saw him as a fraud and a con man, but in spite of that, they liked him and wrote fondly of his personality, charm, and education. He did live out his final years as guest of Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel where he was said to have died in 1784. The problem with that though, is that Prince Charles was away when it had happened, and never saw his body. He was also buried in a private grave, so no one know where. Then there were many sightings of him all over Europe after his supposed death, and by reputable people. Which led to him being a sort of legendary celebrity of his time. He was somewhat of the Elvis of his time, and mystery continues to this day.

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