The Essence Chapter 11: The Cure


And so it comes to an end. Maybe. And maybe now the time has come for thank yous and goodbyes. A thanks to all that have come along for the ride. It's truly been a pleasure. But does anything ever truly end? Maybe nothing ends. Maybe everything just grows and changes into something else. Something more beautiful than it was before, as it always has, with no beginning. And on and on it goes. And such is so with love and hate, as it is with life and death. The cure always comes back around eventually. Nothing is ever truly lost.

A couple months had passed, and it was August 06, 1995, which was a Sunday under the sign of Leo. Brad had needed many stitches, a a skin graft, and some shots for rabies. Over all he had healed but with some scars that told a story.

Tim and Krissy were right where they were supposed to be; together at Tim's house, in each others arms in Apple Valley. Apple Valley where it all began. The book with the leather cover was still buried in the backyard. The Marigold was silently still, as it was still above the buried book. A secret that he had yet to share with anyone, not even Krissy. It was late and she was already sound asleep in his arms where she felt absolutely safe. Tim was having trouble falling asleep, he didn't like keeping secrets. Maybe somewhere in that journal was the key to the Essence, the cure to it all. He had to be careful with it and struggled with what he should do.

Tim's body did what it often had done, when he was stressed out about doing the right thing. He fell into a state of sleep paralysis. Immediately he felt a dark presence in his room, and he struggled to move and snap out of it. Focused on wiggling his toes. But then came the calm of warmth, the bright burning fire of red hair. It was the wise woman that he had often dreamt of, but never remembered.

"Come with me Tim." She said in a soothing motherly voice. "There's one more thing I want to show you."

And he drifted off into a deep slumber.

This time he was a virus, at the cellular level. He was the virus, yet he was not the virus. He was traveling fast, microscopically, with a sense of purpose, in a body made of cells, like viruses do. He entered cell after cell, destroying them, absolute destruction and mayhem. He began to feel the worst guilt, and remorse for the cells that were being destroyed. He couldn't stop himself, it was his nature, it was his only way. But he felt the sadness.

"Do not feel sad Tim." Said the wise woman with the soothing voice. "It's a virus's purpose to attack certain cells in the body. Usually this is, and can be a bad thing, but this is a special virus. It only attacks and kills cancer cells. Because Carol had taken the Essence and wanted to be cured, her body and mind had created this virus. Soon it will spread far and wide, and someday soon no one will ever die of cancer again."

At that moment all of his guilt perished. It had vanished, as did his memory of the dream. He awoke with a sense of purpose. Krissy was still sound asleep using his shoulder as a pillow. He eased her head from his shoulder and softly onto a pillow as not to wake her. He went out to the backyard to where the book with the leather cover was buried. He began to dig it up. The future, was all he could think about, and what was going to happen next once this journal was in the right hands. It was a rush.

He blew off the dust and chunks of dirt from the lid of the tin can. The book with the leather cover was once again in his hands. He opened it to the first page.

"Saturday September 24, 1991,

Today is the best day of my life! Today is the day I met the love of my life. I've decided to keep a journal to document my love for her. I'm so happy because today I met my soulmate. Her name is Carol, the amore of my life. And I'm not scared. I feel like I can do anything. I feel nothing but goodwill. Is it all in my head? If it is I don't care! I'm so excited, I can't wait to see her again. I am not sad, I have nothing but love. I feel nothing but love. I want the whole world to feel the way I do right now. She has inspired me to find cures, and I will do just that. The world used to be an ugly place of broken mirrors, but not anymore, not today. I'm so in love and I can't wait to wake up and live everyday this way. I no longer want to dream, I want to experience every moment of this life in love this way, in every way I can! She is my ESSENCE. The reason I live, the reason I feel! She is my purpose, my inspiration. I never want to know the past. I say this all with love,

Kevin Donal Cain.


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