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The Mysterious Nevada Triangle

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Everyone has heard about the Bermuda Triangle, and how it's famous for its many mysterious disappearances. The west coast has its own version, that is known as the Nevada Triangle. The Nevada Triangle starts from Vegas, goes to Fresno, then ends in Reno. For decades pilots have dreaded its rugged landscapes noted for its abnormal amount of aircraft that vanish. From Area 51, to Mark Twain's old home in Virginia city, Vegas to Reno, Fresno, Mammoth Lakes, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Not only have planes vanished but so have people, where the vast deserts, and unforgiving mountain ranges, have indiscriminately swallowed up pilots, planes, and adventurers alike. Thousands, yes that's thousands of planes have vanished without a trace.

I've lived in the Nevada Triangle most of my life. At eighteen I moved to Mammoth Lakes where I lived for ten years, then moved to Reno in 2005 where I have been ever since. Mammoth Lakes is my favorite place, that I have ever lived. The skies are clear there, and there are plenty of outdoor things to do there. So I've been itching to write about this.

So what's causing it? Are aliens from Area 51 capturing them to do tests and probe? Is it some type of payback for Roswell? Is it the ghost of Mark Twain? I'm kidding of course. People have the natural tendency to gravitate towards grandiose conspiracies, it's easier on the mind to believe that something bigger is in control than to accept the science of chaos.

The terrain is harsh, and so is the weather. Planes end up below high mountain ranges and can't gain altitude fast enough. Hikers get lost, skiers take trails they shouldn't. Is there something supernatural going on? I don't think so. It's most likely the earth reminding us humans just how small we really are and how easy it is for us to disappear into the vastness of nature.

I will be blogging about a few of the cases of missing people that have vanished while in the Nevada Triangle and see if we can't get these cases spread to the masses and hopefully solved one day. So far I've come up with four that I'm going to write about. Charles Clifford Ogle who went missing in 1964, Steven Fossett who went missing 2007, Matt Greene who went missing in 2013, and Karlie Guse who went missing in 2018. These cases are dear to me since I'm from the area, especially the last one because she is a local.

If there are any other missing persons from the Nevada Triangle, or anywhere else that you would like me to write about let me know in the comments, by email, or send me a private message on facebook.

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