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The Shores (19 lines)

The Shores

1. Oh, how I wait 2. For the sun to reach the shores 3. Nineteen lines, and you’re mine 4. With locked lips, unlocked doors

5. Like the sight of a first sunrise 6. At first sight, love in your eyes 7. I’ll always wait for one more 8. I’ll always wait for you at the shore

9. Though sometimes we are far 10. Like the night we’re apart 11. You light the moon, and the stars 12. Because the night’s also ours

13. Yea, comes the slumber 14. Like amnesia, we can’t remember 15. We will sleep, then we’ll dream 16. Been many sunrises, so it seems

17. You’re the morning, the night, the dream in between 18. You’re the love of all of my lives 19. You are my nineteen

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1 Comment

Mar 08, 2021

My 19 ♥️

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