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Two Firefighters Vanished in Florida Last Weekend

Last Friday, Brian McCluney and Justin Walker went on a fishing trip off the coast of Florida and never returned. Both of them, and their 26 foot fishing boat just vanished. The last time anyone saw them was at a dock near Port Canaveral. They were reported missing by their loved ones after not returning home late Friday evening.

Justin Walker is a Fairfax, Virginia firefighter, while Brian McCluney works for the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue. Stephanie McCluney, the wife of Brian made a facebook post on Monday that they had found the men's tackle bag off the coast of St. Augustine, which is more than 100 miles away from where they were last seen. She does believe it to be a clue of some kind, that the men left it on purpose. But what about the boat, how can something that big just vanish?

The search as of now has covered more than 50k square miles, and there is still hope that this is a rescue mission due to the men's line of work, that they are probably more prepared and knowledgeable when it comes to survival.

More than 100 people have come forward to volunteer for the search, and more than 20 agencies including the Navy, the Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations, and the Brevard County Sheriff's Office. They are urging that if you are in the area and you see any wreckage of any kind to report it.

It's so odd, I've looked into the weather, and haven't found anything to suggest it was dangerous outside. And stranger more is how these incidents happen more often near Florida and Nevada.

If you want to donate to the rescue effort please click the link below.

My prayers go out to the men and their families, and I hope they are found safely.

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