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Essence Chapter 4 Preview and Thank Yous

This week was a slow week for me. I didn't get much done publishing, but I did get a lot of editing done, and next week I will be back at it with a full load, promise.

Chapter four is going to be a good one. In this chapter I introduce another new character. This character is so secret that I can't even say his name. He reveals a little more about the origins of the pale ones. The reader will also learn of another new character that is very central to the story. She is one of the most important characters who the reader will meet come chapter 5.

I have started writing the sequel, but it's been a slow progress. I've written some of the first chapter, and outlined a few others. The plot of the sequel is really good, at least I think it is. I'm hoping it will be complete by this time next year, and ready for publishing

I'm trying to put together a full week for next week to get back into the writing groove. I've got a few ideas already. So things are going to pick back up. I plan to write about "Hoodoo

Folk Magic" and the "Freemasons" I'm hoping to get 2 more topics.

Also I'd like to to thank all the outside help I've been getting with editing. Though "The Essence" is for the most part completed it's still in beta, and it's nice to have other sets of eyes finding the mistakes that my brain has blocked out. So thank you, and also I thank you the reader with help, I've gotten editing other articles. See you all tonight at midnight with Chapter 4.

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