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Room (119 lines) Two Souls of One Light

Written By Chazz Loeks for Kristie Loeks

Today is her birthday, happy birthday my love.

1. A room is just an open space

2. With room to open, room to grow at the right pace

3.You opened my eyes, you were right

4. You opened my arms, two souls of one light

5. Though there are times that are tough,with long heights to perform

6. Up here in the clouds, there is always room for one more

7. We must climb, we must clamber

8. For up here the sights are much finer

9. The low places have no climb

10. Nor the room we need to shine

11. They only descend into darkness and shame

12. We rise like the sun, two souls of one flame

13. A room lies await

14. A flight arise like a fate

15. On a dark and lonely night

16. Room awaits, two souls of one light

17. Pain in our hearts often made us cry

18. Not knowing when again we would meet

19. But I had to have you, you had to have me

20. In the room where we wait

21. All that room in the park

22. We danced and lit up the dark

23. Like butterflies, like wild butterflies

24. We collected, we captured, two souls of one light

25. The times appart have been rough

26. Low places with my face in the mud

27. But I'll never stop climbing, we'll never stop climbing

28. It will always be team us

29. Many times we tried to run away

30. But what we really wanted was a way

31. To run away together because it was getting late

33. It's getting harder for this room that we wait

33. The times we have, they mean so much more

34. I'm always missing our times, I miss loving you more

35. Even the worst days are better with you

36. Than the best days that are without you

37. You heal me, I heal you

38. Like unseen magic that is taboo

39. It may sound like an anecdote

40. But it's true, our magic are each other's antidote

41. Two lights that are one that can never betray

42. Hearts on our sleeve, but also like a card that is hidden away

43. Like a quantum entanglement

44. Our magic is just a science that we don't understand yet

45. They seem long long ago...

46. Or far far away...

47. But soon they will be forever

48. I want it sooner than today

49. I have a hard time seeing clearly

50. Yet you still love me unconditionally

51. Even the times I know I'm not right

52. I still love you more, even the times when you sigh

53. So make some room at the table

54. Room for two when I am able

55. I'll be coming home, like I said it

56. I'll be there when you least expect it

57. So we must climb and clamber more

58. So many rooms and floors for us to explore

59. Like a high rise, even above the skies, past the heavens

60. To the top, all the room, all the time, all the lessons

61. I love all the things that make you shine

62. I love all your expressions, your smile

63. How your brow only raises on one side

64. You're my otherside, two souls of one light

65. I love how you see the world through a positive lens

66. How you lift me up again and again

67. The way you see nature, the animals and the trees

68. The way you love music, there's always room for me

69. We've been through a lot

70. In the short time we got

71. The hard rooms, the hard times, the heartaches and loss

72. Pandemic couldn't stop us, because it's always team us

73. Nineteen lines came and gone

74. But that's not long enough to express what I feel for you

75. You saved me from the walls, the walls I'd built to keep me safe

76. But those walls were dangerous, with no room to breath

77. Those walls had me closed in

78. Only room for the end, not enough room to begin

79. I had trapped myself in the upside and down

80. I was trapped, I was down, with no room to get out

81. You saved my world, you changed my fate

82. The walls down, I had changed, the whole world had changed

83. Like that time when we danced like butterflies

84. The wild butterfly effect, the whole universe had changed

85. One hundred nineteen is still not enough

86. It's your birthday, it's not enough

87. I'm still here in the waiting room

88. I'll never stop waiting for you

89. I promised you one hundred nineteen times

90. I promised you one hundred nineteen lines

91. I'll give you all that I got, all I can do

92. One hundred nineteen times more, till I get back to you

93. Some say that energy and matter, can cause time and space to distort

94. Some also say that life is short

95. But it feels long, when I'm longing for us

96. Waiting for that room (space), waiting for that us (time)

97. Our energy for another is what matters the most

98. For worst, for the better, way up there in the cosmos

99. For the time, and the room, for it we must fight

100. We'll bend the universe if we have to, two souls of one light

101. I know we've loved before

102. Like the song said when we met again

103. You were the flower on the wall

104. That came to break down the walls, the safety I used to need

105. We've done this before

106. Maybe a hundred nineteen I'm sure

107. So many rooms, so many doors

108. I'll find you again this I am sure

109. We have to be honest

110. This is the way we wanted us

111. Both chased, and the chaser

112. Both the wild, both the tamer

113. We may roam, we may wonder

114. Room and time only makes us fonder

115. I will have you again

116. Like that room at the Inn, all the room in the end

117. Many Rooms, many lifetimes, many moments at the right times

118. There's always room for one more

119. Room 119 was only the first floor

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