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NHL: Kings Vs Ducks (Who will win?)

Tonight NHL rivals Kings and Ducks face off against each other on the ice. Both teams are in the middle of a rebuild, and in a year where COVID has played a huge roll in the sports market, neither team is in a hurry to make a deep run this season. That doesn't mean, that these teams wont play hard in tonight's game. These teams hate each other, and I expect a pretty even and exciting matchup tonight.

The Ducks are at home, which in normal times would have a significant advantage, but with no fans I don't think it will factor too much in tonight's results. L.A. is a little further ahead in the rebuild and in my opinion a slightly better team, with more depth and prospects. The last time these two team played each other, which was only a couple of nights ago, the Ducks squeaked out a 1 goal win, on a 3 on 3 goal in overtime. The loss is fresh on the minds of the King's players, and I believe they will come out hard and win tonight.

Market Watch: Sportsbetting is very much a market, making it a game of skill and luck, which separates it from other games of chance. The odds are never fixed. Pinnacle Sports which is the leading and sharpest sports book in the world, opened up the Kings as a (-115) favorite, which means one would have to risk $!15 to win $100. The market has since moved the number to -134.

My play tonight is the Kings at 134 to win 100. Fade me or follow me, but remember the only locks in this life are DEATH and BITCOIN, so if you do bet please do so within your means, and do it responsibly.

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