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The Essence Chapter 3 Preview "Drain You"

Out of all eleven chapters, chapter 3 was my favorite to write, though chapters 5 and 9 are pretty close. Chapters are like babies to me, and I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but I do. This chapter takes place in 1994, on Rosh Hashanah, in West Covina, which is where I grew up. I tackle a little bit of anti-semitism that the protagonist must face in this chapter, and of course there will be more vampires as this is a horror web novel. These aren't the blood sucking types though. The "pale ones" are the type who create misery in the world so they can feed on bad emotions. Like those instances when you are having a panic attack, and think you might be having a heart attack, or a stroke. There might be a "pale one" lurking about, near by, in the shadows.

This chapter will also have some action, which is something I rarely write, as I'm more of a philosophical writer, so it was fun to explore and get out of my comfort zone a little. And of course there will be more 90's nostalgia, more hidden subliminal messages, and two more hidden Mandela Effects.

The title is very fitting too, as Nirvana was all the craze in 1994, and vampires are going to do what vampires do. I can't wait to release this chapter come Saturday, and if you need to get caught up, I left some links below. A new chapter will be published every Saturday till we reach 11.

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